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Physics Playground

Resource for Van de Graaff Generators, Jacob's Ladders, and Distillation Equipment 

Physics Playground will now be closed. If you are looking for parts please feel free to write in. Its been a pleasure all of these years to make this equipment for my high voltage friends!

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(209) 914-2619

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International orders are welcome!

Van de Graaff Generator

400KV Van de Graaff Quick Kit

  • Easy and Quick to Build
  • Awesome High Voltage Output
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Designed to out perform any VDG
600KV Van de Graaff Generator

600KV XXL Van de Graaff Kit

  • Just as easy to build as the smaller kits
  • Extremely powerful and does all of the VDG demos and more!!
  • 16 inch sphere and stands 48 inches tall
  • Uses 5 inch OD CAB tubing. Almost unbreakable!!
  • 16 to 20 inch arcs at 65 micro amps

    Welcome to Physics Playground, an international resource for high voltage equipment focusing on Jacob's Ladders and Van de Graaff Generators (VDG). Our goal is to deliver a product that is customer focused and one that out performs our competitive designs by leaps and bounds pertaining to both aesthetics and engineering. Physics Playground electrostatic equipment is designed with outputs ranging from 300KV to 1MV and will produce currents over 60 mico-amps for all systems that use the larger variable speed motor being the High Current designs.

   To view our products, please click on the Shop On-Line Link. All purchases may be made through PayPal and do not require a paypal account. All major credit cards are accepted.

International orders are welcome!

Thanks for looking!

Frederick W. Graff

-Educator -Physics and Chemistry Dept of M.W. High TUSD

-Developer of Physics Playground

Dual 1.2 MV VDG. Thanks Patrick!

Maker Faire 2012: Van de Graaff Generators rated at 900KV

Physics Playground Van de Graaff Generators at Maker Faire 2010 by Jack Sparks at

Updated 700KV Van de Graaff Generator for extreme current by Physics Playground

Van de Graaff Generator Base for 700KV System
Van de Graaff Generator Base for 700kV system
Van de Graaff Generator Rollers for 700KV system

800KV VDG Extra Tall

Van de Graaff Generator
Van de Graaff Generator
Van de Graaff Generator

900KV Van de Graaff Dual System.